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Music hello and welcome to our fourth module on request and apology emails in our last module you learned about introduction emails and how the language you used for those types of emails was rather clear indirect over the next two lessons you will learn how to say things more politely and more sincerely in order to make requests and apologize in a professional way in this lesson on making requests will focus on expressions using please and question forms using could and would you'll also learn about how to use the expression would you mind or would like let's start with request emails in business and overall professional interactions with people making requests will be one of your top reasons for communicating through email there are many situations where you would need to make a request you could be asking for additional information on certain processes employment opportunities or even simply asking for directions to their office or factory maybe you're asking them to send you certain files or documents or perhaps you want to request a meeting with them whichever the case since you are asking them to do something for you the language you used needs to be respectful and polite the easiest way to make your sentences sound polite is by adding the word please in America children learn to use this word from a very early age and is the most commonly used word when making polite requests here are some examples please send me your resume please meet me today at 3 pm please give me directions to your office another way that you can make polite requests is by using the question form with words such as could and would let's look at the same examples but this time in a question form could you send me your resume could you meet me today at 300 pm would you give me directions to your office and if you want to be even more polite you can add please to these questions look carefully at where I put the word please could you please send me your resume could you please meet me today at 300 could you please give me the directions to your office where did I put please that's right it's right before the verb now let's look at two more polite expressions that you can use when making requests these expressions also include the word wood the first one is would you mind here are some examples would you mind sending me your resume would you mind meeting me today at 300 pm would you mind giving me the directions to your office when you use this expression notice that it is used with a verb in the ing form in grammatical terms this is called a gerund another polite expression using wood is wood like wood like it's the polite way of saying that you want something so any sentence you use with want can easily become more polite by switching the word want with wood like let's look at some examples I want to meet you at 300 pm I would like to meet you at 300 pm I want the directions to your office I would like the directions to your office...
What is vpn access request form?
VPN Access Request Form. GFE-VPN Access Request Form. Purpose: This form is used to request access for systems through the NNMC firewalls. The Information Security Team will evaluate information contained in this form and access will be granted based on need.
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